Book the Band


The NEW Ezra Charles Band is now available for clubs, concerts, festivals, and private events! Ezra has re-designed the concept of the original band with a new emphasis on an acoustic sound. Performing the complete repertoire of  his songbook, he is presently exploiting the possibilities of this new lineup, as he continues to add new material. Featuring Jake Helpinstill on drums, Nancy Dalbey from the original band on trombone, and Nathan Mayes on double-bass, they compliment Ezra's piano work and vocals in spectacular style. To arrange a booking, call the management office at 713-202-1529.

"Nobody's Better Than Ezra."


"The Story of Boogie Woogie"


Booking Ezra's theatrical presentation,"The Story of Boogie Woogie," is also handled directly through the Ezra Charles management office at 713-202-1529 in Houston. Call today to learn how your venue can include this exciting evening of entertainment on your calendar!  The show runs about two hours, with an intermission, or can be presented in one long segment if preferred. Production of the show is simple, requiring only a few microphones and a grand piano. For venues without a piano in house, one can be provided by the artist.




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