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If you missed the performances of "The Story of Boogie Woogie" you now have the option of buying a DVD of the show! This DVD conains the entire performance of the show as performed during 2015 and 2016, including all of Ezra's informative and humorous narrations. The CD "Soundtrack to The Story of Boogie Woogie" is also available. It contains 15 tracks - all the songs played during the show. If you can't wait to buy these at a performance, you can call with a credit card number (713-202-1529). The DVD is $20, and the CD is also $20 - no tax, and we pay shipping.


  CD's are now almost a thing of the past! We used to market ours through CD Baby, but they closed their online store. We have on hand a few copies of "Beaumont Boy"(2001) available to order directly from us. Just call 713-202-1529 with a credit card number and we'll send you one. $20 includes U. S. shipping. You can also find most of our music on iTunes now if you prefer. Or search for "Ezra Charles " on YouTube to watch dozens of great live performances of Ezra songs filmed at the Saxon Pub in Austin during two sessions in 2011.



Beaumont Boy (2001)


  1. Greater Texas
  2. Wear It Proud
  3. House of Blues Lights
  4. Beaumont Boys
  5. The Other Angels
  6. Talk To Me
  7. Bolivar Ferry
  8. Bad Year for the Blues
  9. Weekend in Austin
  10. You Are The Music






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